Due to Covid-19 most events have been cancelled for the 2021 schedule.

Crossing our fingers for a safe regatta and other events next summer (2022)!

Event Date Time Location
Annual General Meeting July 17, 2021 10:00am-11:00am Zoom
Meet and Greet CANCELLED N/A N/A
Golf tournament August 22, 2022 8:00am Wolf Ridge Golf

Annual General Meeting

The AGM, annual general meeting, is being held on Saturday, July 17 at 10:00 a.m. This is the one event that we MUST run as it is part of our responsibilities as a charitable organization to hold an annual meeting. We will be setting up an online (Zoom) capability for people to join. We are hoping this will allow more people to participate. This is the opportunity for Association members to ask questions of the executive and bring up their concerns. In addition, this year will mark the beginning of a new two year term for the PLCA executives.


As with the Meet and Greet, we will be unable to run the regatta this year. We can hardly wait for 2022 and the regatta of the century!

Golf Tournament

This year’s golf tournament was SO HOT! I would not typically golf in heat like that but was surprised that everyone made it out except one team. The results for this year were:

Winner: The Bobby Boys with a score of -12

Womens closest to the pin: Heather Sheidan Mens closest to the pin: Ricky Bobby Womens longest drive: Devon Purser
Mens Longest Drive: Nick Spenu

This year a contest was introduced to the tournament called the Orange Ball and it goes like this.
If your team chooses to participate each team is to pay $20 to enter the contest (drop the $20 off in the box when taking your orange ball). At the start of the round each team will take their teams corresponding orange ball with the teams group letter written on the ball. At the start of the round one member is to use the orange ball on the first hole and complete the hole with this ball, the next hole a different member will use this ball and do the same and so on rotating through the group for every hole until the round is complete. If your team finishes the round with the ball, bring it to the awards cocktail. (It should be marked up!) When there you will enter your orange ball in a draw for anyone who has their ball remaining, the winner will take approx 75% of the pot and second will take the remaining 25%.
It turns out that this was a lot harder than most people thought and there were only 2 orange balls that finished the tournament out of 22.

Just so everyone knows, we are booked for next year on the same weekend and it will be on August 20th. I have been told that we will be able to do a shotgun start which will really help with the late tee times and will be a lot of fun. Look for the invitation email to enter a team in late spring / early summer.

Corn Roast/ Scavenger Hunt

Will we eat triple the corn in 2022 to make up for 2 years of cancelled corn roast?