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Membership dues support the following:
  • Encourage an active social atmosphere
  • Promote responsible environmental stewardship by providing annual water quality testing
  • Monitoring and communicating changes which affect out lake community
  • We are active participants at municipal council meetings representing the interest of the Papineau Lake community focusing on improvement to municipal supplied services.
  • We produce a monthly newsletter and manage the lakes website: .ca
  • We maintain a list of current lake residents to facilitate active communication on lake issues
  • We organize a large raffle at the regatta to raise money for the PLCA and area hospitals
  • We organize an annual regatta, obtaining all liability insurance required.



E-TRANSFER your $25 membership dues to When you log into your bank site, look for the Interac E-transfer tab and follow the instructions. In the comments section, please include the cottage owner name and address so the payment can be cross checked. Your payment will automatically be deposited to the PLCA account and the treasurer and membership coordinator will be informed of the transaction.


Send a cheque payable to:
Papineau Lake Community Association c/o Jonathan Potter, 80 Avenue Rd, Ottawa, Ontario K1S 0N9

Financial Update

The PLCA continues to remain in a healthy financial position thanks to all of you who support the PLCA through payment of annual dues. We will likely show a modest deficit this year due to the fact we were unable to hold events where a lot of people renew their memberships. As in previous years, we will continue to make donations to local charities. This year, the PLCA will again be donating $2000 to charities local to the lake.

Thank you to those who have provided your annual dues; it goes a long way to ensuring we can meet the vision of the PLCA. Below are instructions on how to transfer your dues.