Local Government

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2022 is a Municipal Election Year!

On October 24, it will be time to vote for the mayor and council for Hastings Highlands. As a property owner you are entitled and encouraged to vote. Many cottages think that you can only vote at your primary residence, which is not true. You can also vote in the cottage area if you are a property owner. So don’t forget to gather information on your candidates and be ready to vote!

Current Council

On May 19, Tracey Hagar was appointed the new Mayor of Hastings Highlands after the Vic Bodnar resigned the position for personal reasons. At the time of writing, the replacement deputy mayor has not been named. Congratulations to Mayor Hagar. The PLCA looks forward to working with the Mayor and council.

Job Name Number
Mayor Tracey Hagar 613-334-7421
Deputy Mayor TBD
Councillors Nancy Matheson
Dorothy Gerrow
Alex Walder
Tony Fitzgerald
Tammy David

An Update from Hasting Highland:

I am sure most of you are aware the municipality is working on an updated shoreline bylaw as well as the comprehensive zoning bylaw. Many of you have expressed your opinions and there are people both for and against the proposed bylaws. You can find information at the website below on the bylaw. We encourage property owners to following the instructions on how to make their opinions known directly to the Hasting Highlands council.

Hastings Highlands is responsible for:

  • Roads
  • Building permits
  • Waste disposal
  • Emergency services
  • Libraries
  • Fire department
  • Managing municipal facilities

Adding on, Hastings County is responsible for:

  • Social services
  • Planning and economic development services