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Papineau Lake Newsletter Spring 2023

Papineau Lake Land Acknowledgment

We acknowledge that we are gathered on the traditional territory of the Algonquin Anishinaabeg, which is known by Indigenous peoples as unceded territory.  We acknowledge that the Indigenous peoples have been stewards of this land since time immemorial and as such we treat the lands, it’s plants, animals, stories, and people with honour and respect.  Today this land is home to many Indigenous peoples from across Turtle Island, and we, as residents, cottagers and visitors to Papineau Lake acknowledge the shared opportunity to live, work, relax and play within this beautiful territory.  

As settlers, this recognition of the contributions and historic importance of the Indigenous peoples must also be clearly and overtly connected to our commitment to make the promise and challenge of the Truth and Reconciliation real in our communities.  

Mission Statement

The Papineau Lake Community Association (PLCA) is a not-for-profit organization.  

The PLCA is dedicated to:

  • Promoting responsible environmental Stewardship
  • Encouraging an active social atmosphere
  • Monitoring & communicating change which affect our lake community
  • Providing and maintaining infrastructure to protect the physical and environmental integrity of Papineau Lake

Our website is

2022- 2023 PLCA Executive

President Ethan Carroll Director Steve Carroll
Vice President Katie Potter Director JD Baetz
Treasurer Jonathan Potter Regatta Chairperson Lindsey Trypuc
Secretary Lisa McLean Lake Steward Jeff Potter 
Director Mark Trypuc Membership


Susan Wadman

Non-Executive Positions

Fundraising Open Position
Water Testing Peter Shoemaker Bill Bateman
Area Representative # Open Positions: 7 Neil Crowder

Andrea Carroll

Tom Potter

Harold Harris

Paul Hart

Mary Mueller

President’s Message

2023 is an election year for the PLCA! 

Hello, this summer is an election year for the PLCA executive.  Anyone wishing to run for any positions on the executive should declare their intent to do so by June 30.  We will then run an online vote for any positions that have multiple candidates.  Details of the various positions can be found below.  The results of the vote will be announced, and the new executive ratified at the annual general meeting scheduled for July 15.  Please declare your interest in any of the executive positions to with a copy to

This will be my last year as President so the position of President will be open as will a Director position being vacated by Steve Carroll. Please consider becoming involved.  The more people we have the easier it is for everyone.

Welcome new PLCA executives!

Susan Wadman – membership secretary

Hello fellow lake dwellers, my name is Susan Wadman. We have been at 420 S. Papineau Lake Rd. for 30 years. We are in the old Olmstead cottage built in the 1940’s. I spend my winters at home in East Tennessee. I spend all summer on the lake with my grandchildren and Canadian family. 

I recently volunteered to be the PLCA membership coordinator. I believe the PLCA is a vital part of our lake community and surrounding areas. I am looking forward to meeting current members and recruiting new members to the PLCA. If you have a neighbour or family member on the lake that is not a current member, please give them a nudge to look into the prospect of joining an organization that benefits their own back yard.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any membership questions.


Susan Wadman

Jeff Potter – Lake steward

Thank you for nominating me as Lake Steward.  I have been coming to Papineau lake for over 30 years, and our family has enjoyed a cottage on Big Point Road for 25 years.  I have always appreciated the water quality of Papineau Lake, so I hope to renew a focus on this topic by doing some long-term water clarity testing and by making relevant information available for everyone to consider. 

On the clarity testing, I have a Secchi disk which I will use to do ongoing testing so we will know if the clarity of the lake water is changing over time.  Some lakes in Ontario have been providing clarity testing for years, which is a good way to monitor the health of the lake. Here is an article on the use of a Secchi Disk: 

I also came across a website that posts the results of water quality testing at certain public beaches in Hastings County.  Turns out they have been monitoring the water quality at the Public Beach at the south end of the Lake.  Apparently, the beach is known as “Echo Beach”.  Here is a link to the site that posts the results of the testing:

FOCA Cottage Succession Planning Seminar – June 3

The Interlakes group has organized a seminar in conjunction with the Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Associations (FOCA) about cottage succession planning for June 3rd 10:00am-12:00pm.  It is a highly recommended session.  Please see the attached and pre-register for the event

Good Neighbour Code

People seem to love the good neighbour code so we are providing it as an attachment again as a reminder. 

Calendar Project

We hope everyone enjoyed the calendar over the last two years.  Interested seemed to wain last year for the calendars so we decided, for various reasons, to take break this year.  If the calendar is something that you really love, please let any of the PLCA executive know.   

Road repairs

Good news, Centreview road is on the plan to be repaired this year.  Additional information on road repairs and the 5-year plan can be found at

Charitable donations 

Thanks to all of you who contributed your PLCA dues, the association was able to make a $1000 donation to the Maynooth and area food bank and a $1000 donation to the Maynooth library where the funds will be used to enhance the libraries information regarding Indigenous People.  Your contributions make a difference and allow us to help the local community. 


Mark your calendars for this year’s events.  We need volunteers to help organize and run these events.  Please reach out to one of the PLCA executives if you would like to help.  

2023 Calendar of Events
Event Date Time Location
Annual General Meeting Saturday, July 15 1:00pm Lakeview 
Meet and Greet Saturday, July 15 2:00pm Lakeview
Regatta Saturday August 5 10:00am South Beach 
Golf Tournament Saturday, August 19 8:00 a.m. Wolf Ridge Golf
Corn Roast Saturday, August 26 3:00pm Lakeview

Annual General Meeting

The AGM, annual general meeting, is being held on Saturday, July 15 beginning at 1:00pm at Lakeview and then it will be followed up right after with the wine & cheese / meet & greet.  The AGM is an opportunity for Association members to ask questions of the executive, raise concerns and provide input into the PLCA priorities.   

Meet and Greet

We will hold the meet and greet immediately following the AGM at Lakeview.  Come and join us for both the AGM and then some social time.  We expect that this event will begin at approximately 2:00pm on Saturday July 15th.   


Mark your calendars for the 2023 Annual Regatta! Saturday August 5th on the South Beach, the PLCA will host our annual Regatta. Fun times for kids and adults alike, we will feature our swimming and canoe races, water volleyball tournament, horseshoes, sand castle building, and kids games! Bring your cash to pay your PLCA dues and enjoy a hot dog on the beach!

This year we have an amazing volunteer who has agreed to help coordinate the raffle at the Regatta.The raffle is a great way for the community to get together to raise money for a local charity, for local businesses to advertise, and for lake members to score some pretty cool prizes!

Thanks so much to Vera Gunn who will be helping out with the raffle! It’s not a one-person job though, and we will still need volunteers to help organize, sell tickets, and hand out prizes the day of the Regatta.

To donate prizes please contact Vera at:

I will be reaching out in the next few months to ask for volunteers for the Regatta. We can’t do it without your help!

Golf Tournament 

Don’t miss this year’s annual Papineau Lake Golf Tournament! Kindly hosted by The Homestead at Wolf Ridge, located on highway 60, just West of Killaloe. The tournament will be held on Saturday August 19th with a morning shotgun start for all teams. Last year we had 16 teams that all tee’ d off at 8:30am

All skill levels are welcome to join this fun lake event! 

Register your spot any time by emailing our Golf Tournament Co-Ordinator Mark Trypuc at Register early to reserve your spot, or to join another two-some or single players.

Post play there is an awards ceremony, location TBD. If your cottage would like to host the ceremony and potluck please let us know as soon as possible. You provide the location and the golf tournament and there families join in some food drink and prizes!

Corn Roast 

We are planning to run the corn roast on Saturday August 26 in the late afternoon.  This is a chance to get together with the lake community and enjoy some social time before family’s head back to normal life and kids head back to school.  We are looking for some volunteers to help with this event.  Please contact Steve Carroll if you have some time and would like to assist.  



We are very short on area reps so if you are getting this newsletter, please check with the people on either side of you and see if they are on the emailing list.  If they are not, please have them send an email to and we will ensure they get added.  Having a complete email list is the best way for us to keep the lake community informed.   

The area reps that we do have will likely drop in to say hello, provide you some updates and answer any questions you have.  They also collect the PLCA dues, so make it easy on them and offer your dues without having to be asked…. Or better yet, just e-transfer the money for your dues by following the instructions below.  

There several area representative positions currently open.  It is a great way to get out of the cottage and meet some of the lake neighbors. If you are interested in volunteering some of your time to help in this regard, please contact Susan Wadman 


The annual membership dues remain at $25.  How are your dues used you ask? 

Your dues along with hundreds of volunteer hours help us to move forward on our key goals:

  • Promoting responsible environmental stewardship Annual Water quality testing
  • Encouraging an active social atmosphere
  • We host an annual general meeting.
  • We organize an annual regatta, obtaining all liability insurance required.
  • We organize a large fundraiser at the regatta to raise money for the PLCA and local charities
  • We host a meet and greet party, an annual lake social event
  • We host an annual end of summer corn roast
  • Monitoring and communicating changes which affect our lake community. We are active   

participants at municipal council meetings representing the interest of the Papineau Lake community focusing on improvements to municipal supplied services

  • We produce two newsletters and manage the lake’s website –
  • We maintain a list of current lake residents to facilitate active communication on lake issues


E-TRANSFER your $25 membership dues to When you log into your bank site, look for the Interac E-transfer tab and follow the instructions.  Your payment will be auto deposited and the Treasurer and membership coordinator will be notified of the payment.  Please include the cottage owner name and address in the comments so we can record payment. 


Send a cheque payable to: 

Papineau Lake Community Association

c/o Jonathan Potter, 80 Avenue Rd, 

Ottawa, Ontario K1S 0N9


Current Council

Last fall a new council for Hastings Highlands was elected. Here is the contact information for the new municipal government.  The PLCA looks forward to working with the new Mayor and council.  

Job Name Number Email
Mayor Tony Fitzgerald 613-334-5788
Deputy Mayor Tammy Davis 613-338-5645-5788
Councilors Keith Buck

Roger Davis

Tracy Hagar

Nancy Matheson

Joan Nieman







Watch this space as our new lake steward, Jeff Potter will be providing updates here as well as on our website



Again this year, safety marker buoys will be placed at the locations indicated below to provide some protection for people who are less familiar with the obstructions below the surface on Papineau Lake.  The sponsors will put them in after the long weekend in May or as they can given consideration to lake levels. Thank you to those who are identifying hazardous obstructions on our lake!

PLCA Executive responsibilities

*End of Spring 2023 Newsletter

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